Sunday, April 26, 2015

~Lj Solutions~ An Idea and a Logo

How I wish to be perceived in the world of sports entertainment weighed heavily on my mind as I set out to create a logo for my brand.  After a week I feel I have a good base to not only improve upon for the future but even use in it's current state. 

LJ Solutions

The Logo ~Lj Solutions~ was compiled with the mindset of being an Architect of Social Interactions and finding solutions with outside the box thinking.  The thought process of "outside the box thinking" is often solutions that were thought of inside of the box but by being stuck in the box the problem solver only sees the hurdles that stand in the way.  This is represented by the 'L', although still in the box, it serves a purpose of getting the solution finding started.  The 'j', sitting outside the box represents the 'outside the box thinking'.  It lifts the problem 'box' up for all to see the 'solution'.

My color combination was selected from researching the psychological meanings of colors.  Orange represents social communication and optimism while Blue stands for trust and peace.  Knowing they were complementary colors only bolstered the idea to use them.   My main research was done using

As you can see in my header there are symbols that fit this mindset.  A New York skyline which puts a double meaning on the word architect,  and a triad of boxes which allow you to see inside them to see the problem solution combination.

Luc Jacobson

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